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 Services Provided Include Debt review Application & Debt Counselling Application.

Our Core Philosophy

The company’s core philosophy is that “business is about people”. A lot of time and money is therefore invested in employees and the communities in which the business operates in. This is done through various mechanisms including external and internal training, Learnerships, Social Economic Development programs and various charity fund raising initiatives.

Our Values

People are at the heart of our business, and we believe in relationships and human partnerships to create mutual success.

We operate with integrity and diligence. Our reputation for delivery is as important as our focus on sound business ethics.

Our entrepreneurial foundation still drives our spirit of innovation and inventiveness, creating custom, relevant solutions for a complex marketplace.

We are proactive, and we respond to our customer’s needs with the adaptability and flexibility that makes us unique and valued.

Our Objectives

To deliver on the approved sustainability strategy, ensuring sustainable development principles and practices are embedded in the way we do business, and providing assurance and governance to manage the impacts of client’s debt management and debt collection.

To embed the culture of risk management, mitigation and responsibility in the company’s culture of shared attitudes, values and goals.

HDM Group is committed to providing a high-quality service to its clients, keep promises made and commit fully to all projects involved in. Integrity, knowledge and customer service are essential to the provision of the final product


Our standards are consistently the highest across all sectors in which we operate. This approach has helped us to secure a large number of prestigious clients and we are focusing on the following sectors:

Debt Review Application
Debt Counseling Applications

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